Monday, November 03, 2008

A win is a win. 11/1

Call me a bonehead but I completely missed that Gajewski had 49 saves in this game. That's darn impressive no matter how you shake it.
47 saves in regulation, including 24 in the third period.
2 saves in OT
3 saves / 1 goal allowed in the Shootout.

That's virtually a whole game's worth of saves in the third period! and a clutch performance in OT and shootout.

**End Edit**

Again only speaking in terms of stats from leaguestat it looks like the Cyclones had a roller coaster ride in Dayton Saturday night.

Starting with a two goal lead, they allowed Dayton to come back with two. Then they traded 1 and 1, then give up another to let Dayton take the lead 4-3. Rank pulls off the tying goal with less than 5 minutes, forcing the OT and ultimately 5-4 Cyclones shootout victory.

A win is a win.

It looks like they let Dayton back in it - apparently by taking more penalties and not doing so well on the penalty kill.

But in the end, character matters. The boys had the character and the heart to not give up and come back to take the win and the two points.

They seem to be learning fast.


Blogger WendyB said...

Character and heart are everything. Go Cyclones! By the way, if you see Mitch Woods, tell him we do miss him here in the Fort. He's the best. Treat him well. Oh, and tell him to watch the dumb penalties. ;)

3:20 PM  

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