Sunday, June 08, 2008

Cincinnati Cyclones 2008 ECHL Kelly Cup Champions!

An amazing end to an amazing season! I could go on for hours about how awesome this hockey season has been (regular readers of this blog know I can be long winded); but I'm choosing to sum it up in once quick phrase...

Game 6, for those of us among the crowd of nearly 13,000, was just an electrifying experience. I felt like I was getting hit with a Taser from the time the puck dropped at 7:40 PM until the final horn at 10:07 PM - but in a good way.

I will drop in some additional commentary over the off-season. But for now, I'll leave it at the Taser comparison.

Best-Dressed Zamboni Driver in the league:

This has been in the center ice logo since the ice was put back in after the Circus - but it was a closely guarded secret:


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