Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Be still, beating hearts!

The Cyclones certainly eased my anxiety with their decisive victory in Las Vegas for Game 5. What a relief!

The momentum is definitely on the side of the Cyclones, let's hope it pushes through Thursday night and the Kelly Cup is hoisted in Cincinnati without a game 7.

Let's not take the Wranglers for granted, though. They are an experienced team and so far they've answered every loss with a win - and a shutout win at that. They are feeling the sting, they have to be. From what I could see on my grainy B2 connection, they looked like whipped pups last night.

But they could rebound. I have full faith and confidence in the Cyclones; but they can't miss a beat. They can't take anything for granted. They must give the Wranglers the respect they have earned.

It think there is a slight chance that the Wranglers have already given up. Their cheap desperation penalties tell me that; but again they can rebound. This is where our young Cyclones must keep their heads on straight, come home to Cincinnati, and give 60 full minutes of hockey dedicated to nothing less that a Championship Win.

They can do it. They have the skill, the guts, and the determination. If they execute on Thursday like they did in Game 5, then they can win it all no matter what the Wranglers bring.

But they must execute.


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