Thursday, April 17, 2008

"Speedy" Hat

Hi all. Yes, I've taken another breather from the blog. My full time job has been keeping my quite busy lately. Worthy of an entry before the Zamboni lessons continue is a listing of the season's accomplishments; but I have some preparation to do for that.

But, for this entry I wish to respond to comments made by "Mary Kate" to the entry entitled "Takin' Out The Pink." MK - this one's for you!

She said she liked my hat and mustache - calling them old school. Well, I don't know if that makes me feel cool, or if it just makes me feel old. I'll take it as cool. I'm 40, I can use all the props I can get. :)

I've had the mustache since I was 18. It's never been shaved. I guess the cheesy-ness of it comes from my Italian heritage. I have no plans for ever shaving it!

But, the most important thing she recognized is the hat. There is a story to that hat. When I was a kid and my mom took me to many, many Stingers games, I was infatuated by the Zamboni (like most kids my age). The Zamboni was sponsored by Kahn's Meats and had a big hot dog painted on the front along with the name "Wiener Wagon."

The Zamboni driver at the time was an older African-American gent. He always smiled at us kids as he came around the boards; and, he always wore a newsboy cap. His nickname was "Speedy" and by all accounts, he was a great guy.

I never actually met Speedy, but I got his smile countless times as he passed by our seats.

The hat is a tribute to Speedy. Long live Speedy!


Anonymous mary kate said...

what a cool story!
and that's super cool that you went to the games as a kid! my dad used to do stats and stuff for them. i sent him a link to your site and to the stingers' site, and he thought it was great stuff. you rock! and no, don't ever shave the mustache!!!

--mary kate

4:49 PM  

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