Monday, February 04, 2008


The Original Heckler From Hell - I stumbled across the article today and it's a good read. No disrespect to the current HFH, but the original is still, well, the original:

There hasn't been much else going on. That's a pretty good problem to have, as I see it.

The Cyclones are #1 in the division with 65 points and #2 overall in the league in points and winning percentage.

The Cyclones are #1 in the league in goals for with 168. Well, Texas also has 168 but they've played 4 more games, so as I see it the Cyclones are #1.

The Cyclones are also best goals allowed with only 98 - the last team as of today still below 100. That also gives them the best goal differential at +70. Amazing.

They have only lost 8 games, so fans have a 77% chance of seeing a win when they go out to a game. Fans have about a 100% chance of having a good time and seeing a good game. What more can we ask for?

They've done this with a degree of adversity, fighting through a depleted defensive corps and their #1 scorer, Daoust, being called up. I like that the Cyclones get goal production from across the board and are not carried by one or two guys. Desharnais is #7 in the league in points, having a great rookie year.

It is also noteworthy at attendance is up, and they have gotten some attention in the local media. Sure, I would like them to get more attention, but this is the playing ground in our market. All things considered they are doing well in this area.

I'm liking this season. What more can I say?

On an ice making note, the ice has to come out completely for the circus. They use tie-in points in the floor. I've also heard something about the elephants' feet being sensitive to the cold, even through the insulation and dirt. That's unconfirmed, possibly urban myth, but regardless, the ice has to come out.

The chiller will be shut down the day before it is removed to allow it to warm up and soften, then it will simply be stripped out with Bobcats and taken out back to melt in the same place where we dumped all the pink ice.

After the circus pulls out, they will have less than 2 days to put in the base white, paint all the lines and logos, and then get enough water on top of that to be covered with the decking so a stage can be built for Van Halen concert on March 5. Then the ice can be re-exposed and more water added before the Cyclones play on March 7.

That's showbiz.


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