Thursday, December 13, 2007

Pink Ice

The pink ice went in on Wednesday 12/12. It was applied using the cart & wand device described in the icemaking post. It came out a little darker than expected but it's OK. Then an ample layer of clear water was applied over top. Then it was promptly covered under the "Pro-Deck" for the Hannah Montana concert on 12/13.

The concert will be over by 10:00, and her roadies will have all their equipment loaded out in a couple of hours. Then up comes the Pro Deck and back goes the removed dasher boards and glass to prepare for hockey on Friday.

After the game on Friday, the decking goes back onto the ice and the stage has to be built for NKU graduation Saturday morning. After graduation, the stage comes down and the Pro-Deck comes back up.

The full-time staff really has to hustle, don't they?

Your humble correspondent and Brandon the Operations Manager will then spend the rest of the day Saturday, and however late it takes Saturday night, shaving off the top clear coat and the pink layer, then replacing ample clear coat back above the hockey lines to have it all ready for Sunday afternoon.

Lots of quick turnarounds. I encourage everyone to give cudos to the full-time guys when yo see them at a game. Particularly, the maintenance guys wearing black polo shirts who you see down at the ends of the rink, moving the nets, etc. These guys are overworked, underpaid, and underappreciated. Tell them all "Good Job."

Now that you've read my rant, here is a camera-phone shot of the pink ice, taken at ice level...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Enjoyed the pictorial and all the information concerning "turnarounds" at USBA.When we sit in our seats at your events we have no idea the work involved to prepare for concerts, rodeos, hockey, etc. This has been an interesting read.

4:48 PM  

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