Saturday, September 29, 2007

First Pics 2007

Hopefully this will get everyone's juices flowing... your 2007 Center Ice Logo. The only change from last year is the lettering around the circle. If it was something really different, I wouldn't have posted the pic.

Click the Pics to Enlarge.

In the interest of "full disclosure" I did not get to do any ice painting. My "day job" kept me away. Painting was done by the 'unsung heroes' of the arena, see below for more on that.

Here is a pic shot during the process of re-stringing the goal net. It is a tedious and unsung task. But, there are a lot of unsung tasks going on around the arena. I have it great, I show and and pretty much do what I want when I want. As a part-timer, I have that luxury. Major Kudos go out to the guys who work there full-time doing the little things that fans and spectators never see.

Here is a cool pic of the Delta Queen. It is actually derived from 14 separate pictures, made into a panaroma with a very cool program called AUTOSTITCH.


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