Tuesday, September 25, 2007

USBA - Back In Action

OK Folks, everyone is gearing up for hockey, including the staff at USBA. The compressors were turned on last week and fired up with no problems. It is common at any arena for something to have failed over the off season, or to fail shortly after the restart. But, the system fired up with no problems and has been running for about a week. The icemaking process, as described in the blog last year, will begin Thursday 9/26. It will be under constant care for at least 72 hours, and then close care for days after that.

Disney On Ice is coming, so the center box area will have to be built up for that, and then cut back down before hockey.

The locker room is all set up, with the known player names already posted above their seats. Pants, gloves, and helmets are hung from their places, getting ready for use.

Weber and Burke are spending the week in Montreal with the Habs, in preparation for camp.

We have painted the goals, and we are in the process of re-stringing the nets on the pipes. I have the blisters to prove that!

The Zamboni went to Mueller's hockey supply in Michigan for routine maintenance and she's running good. She did not get the cool new paint job we were hoping for. The Northern Kentucky Ice Center had to borrow it over the summer when they had problems, so the timeline for painting was lost.

All of the pieces are in place, awaiting the first drop of the puck!!


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