Saturday, March 24, 2007

Popularity and New Material

Thanks go out to "Heckler From Hell 2.0" (he's not the original Cyclones HFH, but he's definitely created a niche of his own) for posting the Icemaking blog entry on the Hamilton Bulldogs forums. From there it was posted on ModSquadHockey forums. Between the two, the blog has been read from every continent in the world! I'm amazed and humbled.

I've held off on posting new material because the icemaking entry was getting so many hits. I need to put up some new material before the end of the season to make the blog worthy of return trips.

Meanwhile, I'd like to invite anyone who has read the blog and found it interesting to leave a comment or email me - especially if you have experience in ice operations or if you found the entry useful, helpful, or informative.


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