Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Big Weekend 1/4 and 1/5 2008

It's NASCAR weekend at US Bank Arena. Ticket prices are reduced for the month of January. High school football is over. There is snow on the ground and it feels like hockey season. Most importantly, the Cyclones have held up their end of the bargain by putting one helluva find hockey team out there. Today we learned that Coach Weber will be coaching in the All Star game!

Fans want to have a reasonable expectation of seeing a good game. The Cyclones have given fans a 77% chance of seeing a WIN.

Now it's time for us fans to hold up our end of the agreement and fill the seats. Tell a buddy; bring a friend; get out the word. This is a worthy hockey team - worthy of support and attendance. Vote with your dollars.

The Cincinnati Cyclones are the only professional sports team on the riverfront, or really in the region, who've been winners for the past decade and beyond. Bumps in the road? Sure. No doubt, but overall, they have consistently been a quality product and defied the odds and despite naysayer's predictions of doom.

Quietly, and with a touch of class, Chuck Weber & Co. have provided a terrific team for us to enjoy. Let's do our part to support that - proactively.

End of Rant.

[Insider climbs off his soapbox and heads for the Zam room]


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