Saturday, October 25, 2008


It sort of feels like Charlie Brown, lined up for the kick, and that brat Lucy pulls the ball away at the last minute. Tonight things looked decent as the Cyclones and Bombers were locked up 1-1. I have to admit, the 2nd and 3rd Dayton goals were both good goals. I hate to admit it; but I have to.

It's frustrating for everyone, to start out 0-4. I'd have to check the records, but I don't think they lost 4 in a row all season last year. With only 12 losses, it's not likely. But, the season is young. They have 68 games left, and all the right components to take care of business.

Basically, what I saw tonight was a normal ECHL team. Last year's team played above-par for the ECHL (duh, they won it all!). I was impressed that even when they flubbed some plays here-and-there, their minds were trying to make the right plays - but the bodies did not cooperate.

That's fixable.

Two road games in the next 10 days - plenty of days for more practice. Then they have a four game homestand. Again I shout the mantra - we need to pack the house and show these boys what the home ice advantage is all about.

They didn't have the "staff" rings yet; and they gave the "player" rings to the in-town players and executive staff who get them Thursday night at Montgomery Inn. I actually think that was a good idea. The fans got the banner-raising tonight, which was awesome. But I think it was classy for them to have a nice dinner at a Cincinnati landmark to share one last reflective moment on the stellar 2007-08 season.

I also witnessed a very cool thing tonight in the Hospitality Room. That was Ray Harris giving Wildman Walker his ring. It was informal, but it was sincere and very nice. Say what you will about Wildman. He's a sports guy, he's supposed to shake things up a little. But he has been the #1 media supporter of the Cyclones since the very beginning. He is as much a part of Cyclones lore and history as anything and he deserved that ring.

It was pure coincidence that I was there to see it - and it was great.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Need less penalties and concentrate on More Shots On Goal. The more you pepper the opposing goalie, it'll go in.

8:29 PM  

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