Thursday, October 23, 2008

Saturday Night - The Big Night

In less than 48 hours the reigning ECHL Kelly Cup Champion Cincinnati Cyclones will play their first home game of the 2008-09 campaign at US Bank Arena. The season has gotten off to a rough start, on paper. They've given up 12 goals in two games - one loss and one overtime loss. Not an ideal start.

On the other hand... They've scored 9 goals in those two games - 4.5 goals per game average is pretty darn good. Usually when you score 4 or 5 goals, you win the game. They lost in OT to Dayton 5-4 and in game one they lost to Wheeling 7-5. Again, not bad goals for, they just need to tighten the defense and goaltending.

Two games is nothing to worry about at all. I have faith in Coach Weber (see prior post on Leadership) to get this team where he (and we all) want them.

Saturday night is the time for us fans to show this flock of new, young, players that Cincinnati is Cyclones Country and a legitimate hockey town. They've heard the good things, they know they are coming in to a winning program both in recent history as Champions and in overall history with 14 winning season out of 16.

Come on out, support the Cyclones. See the banner raised and the rings awarded.

Also here is a special sneak preview of the newly painted and Sponsored Zamboni. My fine ride got an upgrade thanks to Cadillac Ranch and USA Collision Center!

Cadillac Ranch:

USA Collision Center:

See you on Saturday Night!!!!


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