Saturday, November 15, 2008

Holy Goals-Against, Batman!

Well, the Cyclones dropped a 7-6 loss to Elmira and 7-4 loss to Johnstown on Wednesday. It's very unusual to lose a game when you score 6 goals and even a bit unusual to lose when you score 4.

Frustrating, yes. Understandable, well, also yes.

Both Lacasse and Gajewski are first-year pro goaltenders. Goaltenders take very long to develop. Look at some of the goalies in the NHL now who we saw here 10 years ago during the IHL Cyclones and AHL Ducks. Hopefully they will develop over the course of the year and get some help from their goaltender coaches from the parent clubs.

For Example:
Kevin Weekes (New Jersey) - Ft. Wayne and Detroit IHL 1997-1999
Manny Fernandez (Boston) - Kalamazoo Wings IHL 1994-1998
Manny Legace (St. Louis) - Las Vegas Thunder IHL 1997-1998
Tim Thomas (Boston) - Detroit Vipers IHL 1999-2000 (best save % so far 2008)
Evgeni Nabokov (San Jose)- Kentucky Thoroblades AHL 1997-2000 (top winning goalie so far 2008)
Roberto Luongo (Vancouver) - Lowell Loch Monsters AHL 1999-2000 (top shutout goalie so far 2008)
Brian Boucher (San Jose) - Philadelphia Phantoms AHL 1997-2000 (top GAA so far 2008)

So, we are feeling the crunch of being a developmental team.

Look at the bright side - offense is producing. We need some help on defense and in goaltending.

Speaking of Defense, I know there are some detractors of Chad Starling. I sure would like to have him and his +/- stat this season!

I maintain the Alfred E. Newman quote: "What, me worry?"


Blogger WendyB said...

Whoa... That's right. Kevin Weekes WAS with the Komets for a few games. That's cool. :)

That's true. Everything at this level is developmental. But all the teams are in the same boat there. This past week has been frustrating, I'm sure, for everyone from the players to the fans. But there were still a lot of positive things happening out there. You'll get there. Keep working. Keep believing.

Go Cyclones! And Go Mitch! You can do it! :D

5:00 PM  
Blogger Guido said...

Hey WendyB - thanks for the comments and keep 'em comin'!

It's nice to find somebody nice from Ft. Wayne. Actually I'm sure there are lots of nice people there; but the one Cyclones/Komets IHL game I went to... I wasn't sure I would get out with my head!

11:22 PM  
Blogger WendyB said...

And it is a pleasure to talk hockey with you as well!

Funny you should mention that subject as it was brought up by a local sportswriter last spring during our finals against Port Huron. Of course, the Komets fans who replied to his blog mostly denied that Fort Wayne fans would ever do such things. Then they’d quickly cite things that the other team’s fans had allegedly done. Classic. Deny everything and change the subject. Unfortunately all teams have their “bad apple” fans. The Komets have quite a few fans, so proportionately they probably have more than most. Though the way the Port Huron people would squawk and flap their arms after every goal was enough to make even the nice fans like myself want to dump some Crackerjacks on them. :D

I seem to have missed the years when the Cyclones were in the same league as the Komets (too early or too late), but one never knows what the future will hold. There are those who talk of being in the same league again someday, so we may have the chance to make it up to you. :) In the meantime, go Cyclones!

But I hope someone fixes the broken news link soon. You guys are killing me, here.

6:15 PM  
Blogger Guido said...

Oh, it wasn't that bad - but it was definitely "hostile territory" LOL. We didn't get mugged our anything, just hassled, more that at most places but all in the spirit of supporting their team.

Hey, email me direct:

1:06 AM  

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