Sunday, May 16, 2010

Like Rodney Dangerfield: "No Respect"

Flyer's also come back from 0-3 to win Series.

All of the articles I've seen on the Philadelphia Flyers coming back from three games down, like the Cyclones, to win the series say that the Flyers are only the THIRD team to accomplish that feat when in fact we know they are the SEVENTH!

I guess it is just a fact of life that the major markets and networks just see the sports world for the major leagues alone. Granted, they are the best in the world but they need their minor leagues to support them and there are some outstanding athletes, coaches, and organizations in the minor leagues.

So, the Flyers are only the third NHL team to make the comeback, and that's all that seems to matter to the mainstream media. But we all know they are #7, coming a day AFTER the Cyclones did the same thing.

I believe the Cyclones' victory had to have been a topic for discussion in the Flyers dressing room. "If the Cyclones can do it, we can do it" had to have been said by somebody in the Flyers organization.

The Cyclones comeback also reminds me of the 1980 Olympic hockey victory - the "Miracle on Ice" was the game against Russia in the semi-final round, but it's the game everyone remembers. The USA boys still had to take on Finland for gold. Kind of similar this year, the 4-game comeback will be remembered for a long time. It would be super sweet to continue, as the 1980 team did, and win it all!!!

Let's Go Cyclones!!!


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