Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Ice OUT for the Circus

On Monday this week the compressors were shut down for ice melting. By Tuesday the ice had "popped" as it lost its bond with the concrete below. Bring on the Bobcat; the ice comes out in a few hours.

Bull Riding first, then the Circus while the ice is out. The ice can be covered for just rodeo, moto-cross, or monster trucks. They put down the "Pro Deck", then plywood and plastic, under truckloads and truckloads of dirt. But, for the circus the ice has to come out because of threaded tubes set in the concrete for eye-bolts used as tie-down points for parts of the circus.

Also, they say that despite the decking, plywood, and dirt, the elephants feet are still sensitive to the cold.

Now when the circus leaves, we'll have just a few short days to restore the ice for skating. It will be a marathon, non-stop process.


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