Saturday, February 13, 2010


Some clown beat me over the head with a hockey stick, knocked me unconscious, and took my place!!!!!!!! Argh!!!

Commanding victory by the Cyclones tonight and now they are firmly in first place in the division. The Cyclones have 67 points on 51 games with a record of .657. Kalamazoo is in second place with 56 points and a .596 record. They have played 4 fewer games but even if the catch up and win all 4, the Cyclones would still have a 3-point lead on them.

Also, this bodes well for the Cyclones down the stretch. Look at the Goals For and Goals Allowed for the teams. click on Standings...

In our division, the Cyclones are rocking out with 170-139; or, 31 more goals scored than goals allowed. That is impressive. Elmira is best in the league with a +46 which is incredible but they've still one 6 fewer games. Competition in their division is a .500 team and two teams below .500, so the Jackals are basically "bottom feeders" living off the scraps of the crappy teams below them.

I'm really liking the position the Cyclones are in. As usual, Coach Weber works his magic act and keeps players coming from the unexpected when needed, and quickly molding them into the team beliefs, values, and systems.

This is a great place to be, at this point in the season.

Oh yeah, apparently Johnstown didn't like how dry their goal crease was left after the second intermission. In 25+ years, off and on, driving the Zamoni and making ice, I've never had a complaint about the crease being too dry. Usually they complain that it is too wet when driver's don't reduce their water over the repeated passes over that area. Maybe I turned it off a little too soon tonight, but I was still surprised by that complaint.

Of course, had they not been in the process of being annhilated by the far superior Cyclones, they might not have complained. The losers always hated the ice; the winners always say how great it was.


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