Friday, December 04, 2009

Another Big Win Over Kalamazoo

Wednesday's win over Kalamazoo was another huge victory. It further instills in our Cyclones that the K-Wings are not invincible. It also takes 2 points from them in the standings. The Wings still have one game in-hand over the Cyclones but we've closed their lead to 2 points. This early in the season, the points race really isn't a big factor but it does show the progress.

Don't get me wrong, K-Zoo is a good team and seem to be the toughest competition in the North Division. The Wings started the season so strong, it was important for the Cyclones to take these last three games to prove to themselves, and everyone, that they are still the real deal.

Attendance is also still excellent. We've slipped to 9th place but compared to the first year back that it outstanding. This weekend should bring two good crowds to raise that average even more. 4500 per game is darn respectable, but the more the merrier, eh?


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