Friday, November 27, 2009

Huge Victory Over Kalamazoo

Cyclones sweep the Kalamazoo Wings in the two-game homestand. This is a huge victory for the Cyclones both in terms of the standings as well as a moral victory. The Wings are the best team in the division with a record of 11-4-1 for 23 points; they came to Cincinnati Wednesday at 11-2-1. The Cyclones have now dished out half of the Wings's losses.

Now in the standings the Cyclones are in second place in the North Division with 19 points, 4 points behind Kalamazoo.

The moral victory of beating the wings twice is tremendous. Wednesday the Wings had a long bus ride and were tired - not that the Cyclones didn't earn the win, because they did; but the Wings weren't 100% for that game. Friday's game is another story. The Wings played with fervor but the Cyclones played with more.

The good guys kept their heads in the game, they fought hard and won the little battles for the puck, and kept pressure on the Wings. That shows the grit, determination, and desire of this Cyclones team.

That's the stuff great teams are made of. Go Cyclones!!!!!

Also, three cheers to JT Wyman and David Desharnais for getting the call to the NHL with Montreal this week!


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