Saturday, May 01, 2010

First Intermission Fiasco Cut

Well Cyclones fans, we lost again to those pesky Royals. The Cyclones did almost everything right tonight and could not pull off the win. Very tough game. But, if you watched my first intermission resurfacing, at least you got a little bit of entertainment.

Fox 19 News is doing a story on the Top 19 Things to do in Cincinnati and the Cyclones made the list. The videographer was the rider and the reporter was watching from the tunnel. So, why was my pattern such a mess?

Well, I guess technically I choked a little but there is more to the story. They were a little late getting down to me, and then they wanted me to wear a body mic, so we quickly fished it through my shirt and hung it out the collar. I hurriedly hopped into the Zamboni and went out onto the ice.

At some point, the camera guy called to my attention that the microphone had come out of my shirt and he asked me to try to replace it so he could ask me questions. It took me at least a full lap to find it. I was more worried about a cut ice cut, which was complicated by soft ice due to the humidity and warm temperature.

It was fiddling with the microphone cord I missed the first pass up the middle, making a third pass up the bench-side of the rink. Not only that, I drifted too far and left a teardrop shaped miss on the inside. I wasn't smart enough to go up the middle on the other end, and went up the other side a third time. This put the turns for the rest of the cut very, very tight.

I had to try to power-slide to line up for the turns. But I remained distracted by that microphone cord, which, by the way, was destroyed! When the wire fell out of my shirt, the fell down into the conditioner where the microphone was ripped off the end of the wire. When I finally pulled it up to me, there was nothing but bare wire!

By this point I was fairly befuddled, and missed a spot in the turn on the west end of the arena; then a few passes later I missed another spot on the same end. This was a complicated fix because they were only 2 Zamboni-widths apart. I should have taken the outer one, turned around at the blue line, crossed to the boards, and lined up for the other. But the clock was running down and I wanted to get off the ice.

So, I swung out to the outside miss, barely catching it with the left side of the conditioner, then made an odd left turn, very sharp with quite a power-slide. HOO-RAH! I got it. I really confused the guys lining up the net, but they got out of the way.

That's what happened folks, if I wasn't so modest I would remark that my professional skills helped me make it out of the predicament gracefully.

The good news is that quality of the ice cut was very good. Blade depth was correct and water usage was right. Despite my awkward pattern, I got the job done. Too bad it was no use to the Cyclones as they dropped the second game.

Now, they have to take 2 games in Reading (preferably 3 but no less than 2) and then win the 4th in Game 6 or game 7 back at home. They can do it but they'll have to reach deep inside and find a way to ratchet up to a new level of play.

The Fox 19 story should be on the air Monday morning sometime during the show that starts at 6:AM. They interviewed me off-ice after the cut; and they got good footage of Twister' sliding head stand.


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