Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Incredible Playoff Hockey!

I can't say enough for the Cyclones - down for the count, 3 games to 0, on the brink of elimination and coming back to take three in a row and force game 7. Now it's like a one game series at home. One more win for a return to the Kelly Cup Finals! Simply amazing.

The really cool thing is they don't one one or two super-stars who dominate their play. They are getting production from everyone and the unlikely heroes are so fun to watch. Will Ortiz, signed after his college eligibility ended this year, was deservedly the #1 star of the game. He was the Pete Rose of hockey tonight, 110% all the way.

As for the ice, it really gets tricky this time of year. The arena was designed to maintain ice at 80 degrees / 80 percent humidity. But when it gets close, it gets harder to maintain with good quality. Tonight we started the game at about 18-20 degrees but by the end of the game it was in the mid-twenties. Inject a few thousand people, generating body head and moisture (breathing), and the equilibrium of the whole building goes out of whack.

I was cutting as deep with the blade as I could - completely filling the snow tank every cut. I was worried that I might have to dash off the ice to dump snow and come back. I was also using a bare minimum amount of water. Cyclones won, so they like my ice tonight!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

These games lately have not disappointed :) Thanks for keeping the ice ready for the nail biter games we have had!!

8:25 PM  

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