Friday, January 09, 2009

Toronto Update #2 - Good Game in Hamilton

Here on our last night in the Great White North, we had the pleasure of watching the Bulldogs chew up and spit out the Lake Erie Monsters in a 3-0 victory.

Loic Lacasse played great in net. At first I was disappointed to see him instead of Cedric, but then it was nice to see him playing so well at the AHL level. It was nothing fancy, just good old fashion solid goaltending. It earned him the shutout. Very cool.

Latendresse and Desharnais both got a lot of playing time. They look so small compared to the average size of AHL players, but they played great. The both got both assists on the second and third goals. Bulldog's 2nd goal on a power play in the third period was scored by Carle from Latendresse and Desharnais and the third goal, even strength, was scored by Glumac from Latendresse and Desharnais.

Latendresse was the #2 star of the game and Desharnais was named "The Hardest Working Bulldog" of the game, which is a sponsored award given after the #1 star is announced.

Other Cyclones in the lineup were Russell, Beauregard, and Stewart.

We got the added bonus again of both national anthems, so we proudly sang the Star Spangled Banner in the crowd. Believe it or not, we had a much better time overall at the Bulldogs game than we did at the Maple Leafs game on Tuesday. Maybe it was because we were in the 8th row by the player tunnel for the Bulldogs game and out seats for the Leafs game seemed like they were further up than the Northwest Territories.

Quite honestly, I don't know if I'll go back to another NHL game unless/until I care enough to spend the money to sit in the lower bowl.

The Bulldogs also gave me a tour of their backstage area, Zamboni room, and chiller room. I got a pic on my wife's camera phone but the network here won't allow emailing picture messages. Unfortunately I left my digital camera out in my truck. Grrrr.

Pic to follow upon our return, along with some more commentary on both games, AND exclusive coverage of my private tour of the Zamboni factory in Brantford, Ontario (birthplace of the Great One).


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