Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Toronto Update #1

It's late Tuesday night, I'm behind on my homework I need to do for my official reason for this visit, and I just got in from the Maple Leafs/Panthers game. I have several worthy observations for later when I have more time to do it justice. I'll just post now with a really sappy quick comment.

Sappy, but it was very cool. So there were were at Air Canada Centre, wearing our Cyclones jerseys, when it came time for the national anthems. It was chilling to stand there and be the only ones around actually singing the US national anthem, while the Canadien crowd observed respectfully.

There we were, in Canada, singing our national anthem - probably the only ones or very few Americans there singing our song. It was very cool.

Then we got our turn to watch in deference as the crowd of 20,000 odd Canadians enthusiastically sang their national anthem. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I wish our crowds sang like theirs did.


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