Saturday, August 30, 2014

New look, same fun...

If you are looking for me to come out hatin' on the new look, you'll have to look elsewhere.

I dig it.

Yeah, I know it is a change and change can be annoying. It may be a let-down to some who wanted more razzle-dazzle, or whatever. Can't please everybody and the re-branding is a good idea.

I will admit that I hated Twister when he was introduced. I called him the "stupid toothless tornado" and was just not interested. Heck, I liked the old goalie mask logo and then the half-tornado/half C made by the goalie. But the new look, at the time, I hated. But it was a good thing to re-boot, get some new energy, refocus on the new changes, assets, and strengths of the franchise.

Same thing here. After all the hype, maybe I was a little let down when I first saw the unveiling but it has grown on me rather quickly.

I think it is modern, elegant, and classy. The prominent C represents both Cincinnati and Cyclones. The Cyclone shape in the middle is more true to the actual cyclone name than any of the previous tornados (which are, let us remember land based!).

So this is our first ever logo for the Cyclones with a real cyclone shape. And it is try in the direction of its fingerless as northern hemisphere cyclones and hurricanes rotate counter-clockwise.

Big C for Cincinnati, cyclone icon for Cyclones. Cincinnati Cyclones. 'nuff said.

What more could you want? Some outrageous blingy thing? Something less flashy? Could be a hundred different things, but this is our new logo.

It represents something much, much deeper. A commitment to a quality franchise, in all respects. It is a bridge between all the good things we have enjoyed over the past 20+ years and the new, exciting, good things to come. I'm pretty darn proud to be a part of it.

I dig it.