Saturday, April 28, 2007

4-27-07 Malfunction

So, you're probably wondering why I started on the ice in the 2nd intermission, then dashed off the ice, right?

Well, when I lowered the conditioner and powered everything up, I was hearing a terrible clanking sound coming from the vertical conveyor. I turned off the hydraulics and back on, still the horrible metal-on-metal clanking. Something wrong in the vertical tube, what the heck?

Not knowing if it would cause more damage to keep going, I dashed off to hose out the conveyor tube with water and get a second opinion from the bosses. The hose did not work, and we didn't know what it was; but the decision was made to complete the resurfacing and look at it later.

The clacking continued throughout the ice cut but at least we finished without too terrible of a delay. Something is hanging up in there. Somebody from security said a penny was thrown onto the ice. It's possible the copper penny got bent/wrapped around the outer edge of the conveyor fin and was rattling against a narrow part of the tube.

Being a part-time employee with another full-time job, I couldn't say after or come in early Saturday to see what it was or try and fix it. Either way, we'll have a Zamboni for Game #4 and all will be OK.

For those interested, I'll post the final solution whenever I find out.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Another Coach Article

Read THIS. Comments on the year to follow.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Chuck Weber - One fine coach! Just ask!

Fabulous article on about Coach Weber and the Cyclones.

Check it out, ponder on it. I'll have comments to follow.