Sunday, October 03, 2010

2010-11 Expectations

Hi All, it's been a while since a substantive post. Sorry. This year I renewed another passion of mine - motorcycling. I enjoy an odd sense of extremes - Zamboni in winter and Harley-Davidson in the summer. But you don't read this to hear about me.

A lot of change for 2010-11, eh? But, then again, seeing all the players we are getting back, a lot remains the same. Actually, the philosophy behind the team definitely remains the same - from the top of the front office all the way down to the ice. That's a good thing for us all.

What can we reasonably expect for this year? Well, there are many variables but I'm liking the way things look. At this level, you sort of expect a down year after a championship year. It's natural, players who don't get promoted may get picked off by another team. Coaches get promoted, etc. But, this team went to the conference finals in 2009 after winning the Kelly Cup in 2008.

Then, by all accounts, the 2010 championship team wasn't expected to go that far but they really showed a tremendously strong work ethic and went all the way. This really proves that anything is possible.

From what I'm seeing, Coach Skalde has a true leader's approach to the game and seems to have everything necessary. He's getting a lot of solid players back (to start the season, at least) and he's getting the opportunity to bring in some of his own boys. I think it is fair to have high expectations for this year. I think the Cyclones organization is up to the challenge.

The ice is in, now getting flooded for depth and a coat of solid white paint over the hockey lines in preparation for Disney on Ice next week. It should be good and settled by opening night!