Friday, May 04, 2007

An Open Letter To The 2006-'07 Cyclones

Dear Cyclones/USBA/Nederlander

I want to personally thank you for bringing hockey back to Cincinnati with the 2006-07 Cyclones of the ECHL. It was a huge venture and risk for you to take; there are always many ways for any business endeavor to fail - and in this case many who wanted you to fail.

You did not fail.

In fact, I believe you exceeded all reasonable expectations. The bottom line is that sports is entertainment. I was entertained nearly every minute of my Cyclones experience this year. I paid for a product and I received that product to my satisfaction - and much, much more.

Being essentially an expansion team, you could have had a mediocre season and used the difficulties of starting from scratch as an excuse. It might have even been a valid excuse. But no, you did not do that. Instead, you put a high calibre team on the ice from Game #1, through Game #72, plus playoffs.

Playoffs! You made the playoffs the first year, making it all the way to game 7 of the Conference Semi-Finals. Amazing. You gracefully continued the tradition of the team we know as the Cincinnati Cyclones. Others have not been able to attain such feats; but you did it and made it look easy.

Sure, there is always room for improvement. I'm confident that you will reflect on this season and build for an even better 2007-08. A Kelly Cup sure would be nice! Maybe some marketing efforts will bring some more fans to the building. Once they get there, they won't be let down!

And, thanks for the opportunity have gave me to have the honor of being your game Zamboni driver. I did my best to make the ice as good as I possibly could, every time I mounted the Zamboni. It was a fabulous experience and I look forward to next season.

Thanks again, for everything!