Friday, May 15, 2009

Congratulations Stingrays!

South Carolina Stingrays, 2009 ECHL American Conference Champions

I hope you take it all the way to become the Kelly Cup Champs.

There is no shame for the Cyclones in this loss. The Stingrays were simply the better team and they earned the victory. But the Cyclones truly over-achieved this year - a testament to their determination and their leadership.

Coming back and going this far, after being gutted last year - sending the in-demand champion players hither and yon - is truly remarkable. They had such a rough start to the season but still turned it around and won the division again. Then they proved it was not a fluke by winning the division in the playoffs.

The sweep by Carolina somewhat surprises me. But the games, I think, were closer than the outcome reflected. The Cyclones kept getting too far behind to come back.

The buzz from the officials who have worked games with Alaska say they are a mighty juggernaut, probably unstoppable. But I hope the Stingrays go all the way. It always feels better to lose to champs.

Still, I repeat that while of course I am disappointed, I think the Cyclones have a lot to be proud of. I'm happy to be part of the organization. They really do it right.

Here's to next season! Let's Go Cyclones!


Anonymous Brandy Spicer (section 110) said...

i agree on the terms that the Cyclones had a great season. It is true that they had a rough start. I believe that this game was a rough one and South C was a great team. While driving home from the game tonight my boyfriend and I felt broken hearted, like we were the ones who lost. I think that just goes to show that this team really was loved by the fans. This season is lost but we will get them next year. As a season ticket holder I am already counting down the days.

11:21 PM  
Blogger Bradley Garwood said...

man, that WAS a great game, it had a lot of action, and a lot of fight.

And might I add, one very well dressed Zamboni driver...

Lookin' forward to the next season as well

12:04 AM  

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