Thursday, April 30, 2009

Game 4 thoughts...

Well the Cyclones have the chance Friday to advance to Conference Finals. I think they have proven to be the better team, taking the 3 games to zero lead.

However, elimination games are always the toughest and Elmira does have the chance to compete. It is quite possible that the Jackals muster one last whimper of a win in Game 4.

If that happens, I believe the Cyclones can take them in Game 5 on Saturday. If the Jackals do 'bring it' on Friday, they will be out of gas by Saturday.

One game at a time. That is the way it must be done; but I like the outlook.

I actually have a new tux idea for conference finals if everything works out. Games 3-4-5 at home will feature an impeccably derssed Zamboni driver.


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