Friday, May 08, 2009

Leadership and Coaching

On the eve of the ECHL Amercian Conference finals between the Cyclones and Stingrays, I find myself pondering what will make one team victorious over the other this round. As tough as both teams are, and as evenly matched as both teams are, what will make the difference?

In a word: Leadership.

I think that the coaching will be critical this round for two reasons. The first reason is about strategy. These games will be a chess match, with coaches trying to proactively outwit each other while also reacting to what is thrown at them.

The second is the raw nature of leadership. Which coach will be able to invoke the best in his players - motivating them to play at a level higher than they ever have before? That coach, whoever he is, will be the winning coach.

On the other hand, there will be no shame to the losing coach because I believe both are fine men and accomplished leaders. They would not be where they are if they were not. But one will be better over the next two weeks. His team will be better and will advance to the Kelly Cup Finals.

My faith is in Coach Weber and Coach Stork. They have proven that they can do it. Let's see them do it again!


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