Monday, November 21, 2011

Q&A Answer #1

Please keep the questions coming! I have a quick one I will answer right now and two great questions from Section 60 that I'm working on that will be longer.

Auntie Sue asked:
"Interesting explanation of intermission ice repair! Here's my question: Does it drive you crazy when the goalies come out and immediately make a mess of your freshly resurfaced crease?

Interesting question, but it does not  bother me at all. Actually the same could be said for all the skaters who come out and mess up the fresh ice - but that's the game. Turning the water down or even off over the creases is an important thing that I do. It is more of a pride thing that I want the goalie to leave the building thinking they had great ice. If they are scratching off their crease and there is no water splashing, then I'm a happy Guido.


Blogger Auntie Sue said...

Now I know to watch for water splashing when the goalie "preps" his crease. I've never seen it yet!

11:08 PM  

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