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I can only speak for myself and not the rest of the Cyclones staff, but I'll admit that it's hard to get excited this year. Catch anyone in a candid moment, and they would probably admit it. The team has played fairly average hockey. We see moments of brilliance in between spans of average play and as many flubs as moments of brilliance. Maybe more. That's reality. I don't like it but I'm not unwilling to admit it. It is frustrating. That's hockey.

When the Cyclones returned in 2006, one of the things I said is that it's fair for a fan to expect a .500 record. To go plunk down their hard-earned money, it is reasonable for fans to expect at least a 50% chance of seeing a win. And, the fan's can reasonably expect to be entertained. Sweet goals, hard hits, occasional fights are all reasonable expectations.

The Cyclones have delivered.

Yes, I say, they have. We have grown a little spoiled in the last 4 seasons. After the 2008 Kelly Cup we expected 2008-09 to be a "rebuilding year" but the Cyclones went to Conference Finals; then they returned to - and won - the Kelly Cup again in 2010. This is something that hasn't happened since the IHL Mohawks in the 1950's. How cool is that? Very cool.

I'm going to be a stinker here; but I can't help myself. The Mighty Ducks only had 3 winning seasons out of 8. The Cyclones have had only two sub-500 seasons in the first 17. Granted, they have been through several incarnations over two leagues, but I'm looking at it in terms of the product delivered. That product has been consistently strong, across the board. Can the Reds say that? Not lately. Can the Bengals say that? Do I need to answer?

This year they are teetering on .500, so maybe they'll give us their 3rd ever losing season. Plenty of time left; however, so maybe they'll give us a good run-up to the playoffs; maybe they'll give us a strong playoff performance. Heck, maybe they'll win it all again.

It's just too soon to tell. But again I stress it is all a matter of relatively. We have grown accustomed to very strong, winning, even championship teams. So, it seems "bad" to slip to an "average" year.

Everyone, let's hang in there for the rest of this season. The players need every fan there showing up, making noise, and supporting their team. This year isn't over. It is a 72-game season.

That's hockey. Hockey fans are not bandwagon fans. Stay True. Believe.

Good things will happen. If not this year, then next year is just around the corner.


Blogger Auntie Sue said...

The recent trades have definitely injected some skill and life into the games. I guess that's the system, but it feels a little weird. Fun to see them mix in with some of the veterans, though. (Just renewed my season ticket package for next year...)

8:47 PM  
Blogger Guido said...

Thanks for renewing!! Yes, it does seem odd and it was a very active week of trading instead of maybe done one at a time over several weeks. But I definitely think it was needed. Those guys definitely have a spring in their step and the team needed a dose of accountability. Perform, or we'll bring somebody who will.

That's not a knock at all on the guys who were traded because there is the factor of what the other team wants in exchange for their players.

It just sends the message equally to everyone.

Ultimately it is the coach's responsibility to do what he thinks he needs to do to win games, win playoff series, and ultimately win championships. End the end, the coach is accountable. Meanwhile, we have to trust in his decisions.

10:24 PM  

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