Thursday, November 11, 2010

Big Win 11/10 and Ice Conditions

Thankfully the Cyclones earned their first home win last night, on a Wet Wednesday at US Bank Arena. We really needed that! By allowing it to go to OT they gave up a point to a division rival, but a win is a win. Defense and goaltending were solid as they gave up a lot of shots on goal. The team needed to feel what it is like to win, especially at home.

It looks like, hopefully, they are starting to gel, learn Coach Skalke's systems, and learn about each other. As a bonus, today we learned that Dustin Sproat is returning!

You may have noticed the massive wet spot in the ice last night. We sure did! Frankly, we're not exactly sure what caused it. The area in front of the Cyclones bench is always the first to get sloppy. It has to do with where the brine under the ice is piped out, back to the chiller room; and the air flow of the building seems to flow more there, causing vaporization. This is always the first area to get wet - if you were in the house for the 2008 Kelly Cup clincher game in June, you saw it wet in that spot.

We're not really sure what caused it last night - all systems were working. But, it is understandable that this area was the first to be affected, since it is known to be a weaker spot. When the equilibrium is upset, this will be the first place to see the symptoms.

For the second intermission cut, I was turning the resurfacing water OFF going up the bench side in front of the visitor bench, and not turning it back on until making the turn to go up the other side. Still, it was wet. We dry-cut deep after the game, down through the wet/soft stuff, turned out all the lights, and reduced the building temperature. By now all systems have been double-checked.

Saturday is "Throwback Night" so we'll have lots of people in the building. Lots of body heat and moisture in the air from exhaling. All enemies of good ice, but it's all figured in to the equation of an ice arena.

Come on out Saturday, see Dustin Sproat's return, check out the Throwback Jerseys and old-tyme pricing as the Cyclones take on the league-leading Gwinnett Gladiators!


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