Saturday, September 03, 2011

Stars On Ice Setup

I found this unfinished post in my drafts. At this point I don't even remember what else I would have said. I'm posting as-is, buyer-beware, no warranty. It does have some good pics of changing over the ice for the Stars On Ice show:

For the Smucker's Stars On Ice show at US Bank Arena, the ice is reduced to a "box" to make a more intimate skating space and allow for on-ice seating. "Pro Deck" is placed around the rink and a rope is frozen in on the inside of the box. This helps hold the decking out and the flood water in to raise the depth for figure skating.

Roadies start loading in at 7:00 AM

Big light trusses. Four sets of three are bolted together to be hoisted into the ceiling. The lights are including within the trusses and the drop lower as the truss is raised.

Connecting cables to tie it all in to the ceiling.

Lights dropping out of the truss:

Zamboni tunnel that I have to drive through to get to the ice. All part of the magic of show business.

The trusses are laid out. Chains are connected to the cable points tied in to the ceiling. "Chain Motors" are connected to load bearing points on the trusses. 18 of them in all are synchronized and the truss system is hoisted to the ceiling.

Video of the trusses being raised. Once raised, each chain motor can be individually controlled to get it all perfectly level. Tape measures are draped over the trusses before they are raised so they can measure each point.


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