Monday, March 02, 2009

2-28-09: Redemption

The Cyclones' A-Team showed up Saturday night! As they have done several times this year, they let themselves get knocked around by a team one night, then come back the next and whack them hard. I guess that is better than winning first, then falling apart. It concerns me a little, because in the playoffs they will have to work that out and be more consistent; but they are proving what they can do. The just have to do that every night.

There redemption Saturday night was made even more sweet with Johnstown suffering an uncharacteristic 3-game losing streak. The Cyclones now nold the #1 spot in the division with 69 points - a 4-point cushion over the Chiefs, who still have two games in-hand on the Cyclones, so the best they could do is Tie if they win both of those games. Elmire and Wheeling also threaten with 65 points; both have only one game in-hand on the Cyclones and not a good of a record so they are less of a threat.

I had my own bit of redemption Saturday night by not crashing the Zamboni. My mojo is in my hat, I guess. I remembered the "Speedy Hat" Saturday night and all was right with the world again.


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