Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Putting My Money Where My Mouth Is

I have a challenge to lay forth.

Some of the anti-Cyclones folks have avowed that the Cyclones are not worth the price of admission for what they say is substandard ECHL hockey. I've done some thinking about this. How much cheaper do these people what it to be? Yes, the RR's would have been on the low end for AHL pricing but the Cyclones are right in line with AHL pricing.

So, maybe they would have gotten 15-20% better hockey, at best for basically the same money but even at what they say is their position, the total cost of the Cyclones ticket is not a waste - only the top 20% of that cost (maybe).

I looked at all the ECHL team sites. Some of the sites were down but I found an average price of the cheapest tickets to be about $12. This is their cheapest seats, many of which are upper-bowl and worse seats than the $12 for the lower bowl at the USBA. But, being fair, I went with the lowest price offered.

The average cost only figuring the teams with cheaper seats was still $10.36.

The cheapest seat available overall was $9.

So, here is my challenge. If you are one of the naysayers who purport that $12 is too much for an ECHL game, then I WILL PAY $3 of your ticket cost to a game.

That's right, folks. Meet me at the Box Officer before the game and I will pay $3 of your ticket cost. You can see ECHL hockey for 25% less than face value. This is a one-time per person offer with a max. of 4 per game. I reserve the right to end at any time or refuse the deal (in advance, of course - I won't burn you).

The trick is, you have to admit that you read this blog (yuk) and you have to post under your known anti-cyclone screen name on either HG or CSH that you are taking me up on this offer. Put up your post and email me to look for it.

Then we can sit together and you can tell me to my face just how bad of hockey you think you are watching.

What do you have to lose?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great idea!

- Mark (Sonic The Hedgehog 2, cyclonehole)

By the way, nice going on the blog so far ...

9:03 PM  

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