Thursday, November 02, 2006


Well, I will confess that Wednesday's attendance was worse that I would have liked. It was so low that I tried to count it. I stopped at a little over 600 and I was sitting on the bench side which had more people that the opposite side that I could see better to count. Leaguestat has it reported as 942. I reckon that is within the realm of possibility, given what I counted and what I could not count. If it is exaggerated, it is not by much. And I do not believe it is exaggerated.

I had it my head that 1500 would have been a good number, but I figured it could go as low as 1000. I said before and I still maintain that it is perfectly reasonable to expect it to drop; but clearly it must get better if they are to survive. I think all of us fans need to make every effort to go to as many games as we can; and we need to encourage others to check out some games.

The future of the franchise may depend on it. Monday's home game has the potential of being a real stinker on attendance. Everyone, please consider coming out!


Blogger Guido said...

I'm adding this as a comment so as not to distract from the original post. I said that our attendance could make or break the franchise. I meant it. It is a valid observation.

The naysayers will say that Nederlander plans to sell the franchise anyway after this season. They say the company only reactivated it to avoid losing it and therefore to preserve some of the value.

That may be true. I do not know. I don't believe it just because somebody asserts it. I would have to see evidence.

The point, however, is that we have no control over that part of the equation. Even if they have a buyer in mind and it's a done deal even if they have sellout crowds, we are helpless on that.

And if it is true, you still get good entertainment at a cost of about $5 per hour. That's about the same as a movie, eh?

Regardless, poor attendance is always bad and good attendance is always good. The one thing we can control is putting our own butts in the seats.

We need to do that and we need to encourage that!

End of rant.

12:00 AM  
Blogger Cyclonesdiehard said...

Please remember UC played a basketball game in front of 8200 people, and Xavier played one in front of 8000 people. On same night. It is very difficult to get people out to a hockey game on a college basketball night even if it is exbitition.

7:52 AM  
Blogger frito said...

Man I hate thugball.

11:39 AM  

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