Thursday, September 21, 2006

One never knows, do one?

It's been quite a while since I have posted. To those who regularly check, I apologize. I've got a couple of ideas in the pipe but basically I'm running out of material.

This entry will be a combination Puff Piece and actual opinion.

Somehow I stumbled upon a Wikipedia entry for Cincinnati's own DON HELBIG.

Who wouldda thunk it? It's mostly about his rollercoaster escapades.

For those of you have not used Wikipedia, I recommend it. It's user-based, so some of the information could be skewed but it's a damn fine resource.

As for Don, he'll be moving on from Cincinnati to become the play-by-play and media man for the Albany River Rats of the AHL. Don's been a polarizing figure around Cincinnati and the whole "hockey wars" nonsense. Some say he is Cincinnati's the paragon of hockey knowledge and virtue. Others think he's a stooge.

I have to say that it does seem he is the leaking source for a lot of the historically anti-Cyclones / pro-Gardens folks out there. I have very mixed feelings about that. Either way, he's brilliant. He has either brilliantly pulled the strings of his minions to spread sour grapes; or, he has brilliantly pulled the strings of his minions and accomplished one helluva PR campaign.

Assuming that's true, I really don't know which I think. I personally don't like the tactic; but it may be effective in most cases. Or maybe that's not happened at all. I'm just calling it like I've seen it. Regardless of intent & motive, regardless of cause & effect, I do believe he has been the "source" or the "leak" for plenty of information that was then used in propaganda efforts.

What the heck. He doesn't work for the White House. It's up to the receiver of the propaganda to make his own decisions and I think everybody in both camps is capable of that.

As for my personal experience with him, I like the guy. You can't deny his hockey knowledge and he's always been pleasant and professional when I've dealt with him. So now, as he takes his next step in his career in professional sports, I wish him nothing but success and good fortune.


Blogger frito said...

I'm glad to see that Don is going to be getting back into the broadcasting arena. He really developed into a fine broadcaster during his tenure with Ducks. I wish him luck and success.

1:35 PM  

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