Monday, July 24, 2006

Endearing Confidence or Promoting Paranoia?

It's old news already that the Cyclones have signed an affiliation deal with the Hamilton Bulldogs (AHL) and Montreal Canadiens (NHL) for the upcomgng season. I was just starting to get edgy about their lack of any player signings when this was announced. Personally, this has given me a new shot of confidence in the organization.

Les Habitants are the most storied team in all of professional hockey. For them to even have their name associated with an organization is quite a credit. If they never send a single player to the Queen City, they still had their name tied to the club. They would never do that unless they had a degree of confidence in the Cyclones or somebody within.

I'm not saying the affiliation will guarantee success; but it is one of the building blocks. I'm rather satisfied with that. All the naysayers are still boo-hooing and proudly decrying the failure of the Cyclones before the first puck is ever dropped. Well, boo hoo on you, at least we'll have 36 games in Cincinnati this year. That beats a blank. They can sit around talking over tea and crumpets about how no AHL in town is better than guaranteed hockey in the ECHL.

You know what they say about a bird in the hand...

Meanwhile, yeah, I'd like to see some player signings and other news coming from the front office. Maybe for PR purposes they could get the information stream flowing. This is the age of instant data, so mere droplets of information are not enough.


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