Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Marshals Mania

Holy Cow! What a wild ride for the Cincinnati Marshals of the NIFL at USBA. And people say minor league hockey is volatile? Let me see if I can get this straight:

1) Marshals make the playoffs, set to play their first game in Osceala, FL.
2) The Osceala venue isn't available, so the league moves the game to Cincinnati.
3) USBA is not available for the regular weekend game, but the league demands it be played in Osceala on Monday.
4) Marshals balk, the guys have real jobs, and can't travel on work days on such short notice.
5) Marshals forfeit, Osceala advances to play St. Louis.
6) Osceala fails to file paperwork on time, and thereby forfeit.

Geez, what a mess. I may be wrong in my recollection; or it may change again. It's a darn shame, the players deserve better than that.

Maybe it is a better scenario for the arena owner to also own the team (such as the Gardens and/or USBA). That stability is at least guaranteed. It might even be better to have less-than-ideal owners if they do own the building. The best ownership group in the world is screwed if the venue falls through. How many times have we seen that?


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