Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Clarity Vs. Agreement: The Goal Of This Blog

Readers of this blog have probably noticed that I’ve titled my first substantive posts in “vs.” format. I did that for a reason – it goes along with the intent of this blog.I prefer “clarity” over “agreement.” I’m an analytical guy and in my mind I seek clarity. Logic follows clarity; but you have to be clear before you can be logical. People have plenty to disagree with. That’s fine. In fact I enjoy a good spirited debate and in my profession it is actually my duty to protect peoples’ basic rights to freedom of speech and to have their own opinions.

Here on this blog my opinion is the only one that counts. It is not a democracy. It’s a benign dictatorship. After several years in retirement from message boards and forums, I returned to find that nothing had changed. There is still plenty of blather and rhetoric on both sides, although I think one side tips the scale of lunacy.

I have decided that I will occasionally engage in the debate on the boards; but when I’ve done so in the past I have not wanted to dominate the forums with long-winded rants. It’s not worth the hassle of all the BS it starts and I don’t want to put the moderators in the position of wishing certain discussions never got started.

Here I have my own little place to attain clarity through writing, and then offer some analysis based on the conclusions. I plan to not get involved in taking sides between the two organizations. My first two posts did analyze certain aspects and beliefs of both camps, and there will probably be more of that to come. But it should be fairly “down the middle” and leave the reader to make his own conclusion.

That being said, this is a pro-Cyclones blog. I am not in the camp that hates them, opposes them, or wishes failure upon them. In fact I support them and feel a loyalty to them (future blog topic). I have similar feelings towards the Ducks/Railraiders/Robinson organization. But for the time being the Cyclones are the hockey team in Cincinnati and this is a Cyclones blog; so don’t be surprised when it leans in favor of them.

If or when the Railraiders return, I’m sure there will be plenty of qualified people who could put up a blog in their favor.

Enjoy this if you want. I hope you do. Hate it if you must. I accept that. Tune away if you can’t handle it.

*Disclaimer*This blog is my sole opinion. It may be based on reason and fact; or it may be purely my emotional preference but it is mine alone. I only claim to be perfect most of the time. You are entitled to disagree, and I invite you to do so - somewhere else.


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