Monday, June 12, 2006

Dollars vs. Sense: The Truth About Ticket Prices

I get sick and tired of every anti-Cyclones rant ending with some jab at ticket prices. We all know the line, it goes something like “The Cyclones have failed 3 times and will soon fail for the fourth, they can’t do anything right, and only a fool would pay $20 to see the lower-level ECHL.’

That’s a load of crap and everybody knows it.

It’s convenient for the detractors to say now that the Railraiders website is down and their ticket prices aren’t published. Well, as it happens I documented the prices. Stand by for the truth.

Let’s get one formality out of the way first. Yes, I understand that the ECHL is not the same level as the AHL and I respect everyone’s choice to vote with their dollars on any product, service, or team. But I draw the line at using lies to take potshots at what they perceive as the enemy.
And now for some truth:

The first big lie is that it will cost $22.50 to see the Cyclones play. Wrong. That price is for the first two rows behind the boards around the arena. These rows don’t even exist at the Gardens, so there is no comparative reference. I think the Cyclones should not offer seats at this price, but I guess their thinking is that they can charge a premium to anyone who will pay for premium seating. Maybe businesses will buy some of those seats to impress clients or something. I don’t know.

Oh yeah, and nobody remembers the premium seating that was planned in the upper bowl at the Gardens, eh?

Next and most interesting, the end zone season ticket seats (where “Section 60” and “Hecklers Grove” are/were located) are CHEAPER for the Cyclones than the RR’s.
This applies both to season ticket pricing ($10 vs. $11.25) and standard pricing ($12 vs. $15). The Cyclones end zone seats are 11% cheaper for season tickets and 20% cheaper at full price.

The Railraiders were offering a very generous discount to season ticket holders; I admire that.

This is what makes lower bowl seating between the goal lines interesting. Because of the deeper discount for season tickets, the Railraiders did indeed offer cheaper seats for better hockey – if you bought season tickets. The Railraider season ticket price was $13.50 while the Cyclones is $15.

Less money, better level of hockey indeed; but this does not hold true for the regular ticket cost. The Cyclones full price ticket is $17 while the Railraiders was set to be $18.
Basically, this cancels out the end zone savings. I call it an even wash.

Now, a buyer can certainly decide that the percentage of savings for the Cyclones is not commensurate with the drop in quality of play. Based on that, the buyer may decide to sit at home instead of going to the hockey game. Buyer’s choice.

Others may decide that they discount is worthy, especially if they are in the camp that likes the USBA’s accessibility, padded seats, location, etc. Buyer’s choice.

What’s important is that it is not accurate to repeat the mantra that the ECHL Cyclones are “more expensive” than the AHL RR’s.

This blog is my sole opinion. It may be based on reason and fact; or it may be purely my emotional preference but it is mine alone. I only claim to be perfect most of the time. You are entitled to disagree, and I invite you to do so - somewhere else.


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You are wise beyond your years, Grasshopper!

The Light Of Truth has shined on you well.

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