Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Coach Skalde Promoted!

Well, folks, it is official. Coach Skalde got a good promotion in the Anaheim organization and will be leaving the Cyclones to become an Assistant Coach with the Norfolk Admirals.

This is bittersweet. We are losing a great coach but he's chasing his dream just like the players. He has to take the opportunity to improve his situation. Still, it stinks losing him.

Jared has a more relaxed style that we saw with Weber. As such, I think it may have taken a while for some fans to warm up to him. Chuck Weber was an incredibly tough act to follow, and now, in retrospect, I think Jared did was an outstanding follow-up. He compiled a great record, despite a lot of adversity of changing personnel, especially goalies. He represented the organization with class and distinction. He earned respect from all sides.

I think Jared and his style is more of the coach of the future than the brash style coaches of the past. Players are different now. He's more the type of guy to make rudder corrections to stay the course, rather than try to turn a battleship around on a dime.

He does what good leaders do - he earns peoples' decision to follow him. This applies to players, coaches, peers, really anyone. His determined, deliberate style, based on respect, is top notch and it is no surprise to me that he got this promotion.

Now it is time to have some faith in Ray Harris, Kristin Ropp, and the organization (along with Jared's recommendation, I presume) to find a suitable replacement. 

Meanwhile, Congratulations Coach Skalde! Good luck in the AHL! We'll miss you!


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